PHP - REPGEN Version 0.2 alpha

This program generates PDF-reports based on data, created by an SQL-statement.

It consists of two parts:


This program is based on PHP 4.05, mysql 3.23 or ODBC or Postgresql.

The files with the extension '*.inc' should be included in the include-path of PHP (set './;' in php.ini!)

The constant REPGENDIR in the file '' points to the directory, where the *.php - programs
are stored (should be under the directory htdocs). REPGENDIR has now the value 'repgen', so the
programs are assumed to be in the directory 'htdocs/repgen/'.

If you want the program to work in another language, copy the file repgen_const_<language>.inc over
Until now,there exist only german and english ('' and '').

The creation of an report is produced by calling

'create_report($database, $host, $user, $password, $id)'

of ''.

$id is the id-number of the report, the other values are used for the connection to the database.
With reports.sql you can create the database table 'reports' and the definition of a test report. This test report has the id '1111111111'.

All bugs, wishes for improvement etc. can be reported to

Thanks for your interest